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This week we had a chance to sit down with Jarod: Nwbzpwnr who reached internet fame after cosplaying South Park villain, That Which Has No Life, at BlizzCon in November 2013.

The anime guru, cosplayer extrodinaire and World of Warcrafter provides some insight into his, frankly awesome, Geeky World.

Will we unlock the secret of The Sword of a Thousand Truths?!

(Also available on iTunes and from

The Cosplay Group for BlizzCon 2013 asked us a couple of weeks ago if we would run around with a camera and film - how could we resist? We managed to capture over 100 cosplayers showcasing their incredible talent in costume design and their insane attention to detail. It was truly an epic couple of days!

Started at around 6k in the queue. Tickets all sold out before I had a chance to buy. Oh BlizzCon!


New TV spot for Diablo III released May 15th.

Damn. So conflicted. Lego rules… But these new World of Warcraft Megablocks look awesome.

So very conflicted.

Edit: The only thing going through my mind right now? “You were not prepared!”

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