GOTG Movie posters by Kode

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Here’s a handy dandy color reference chart for you artists, writers, or any one else who needs it! Inspired by this post x


Bosom buddies.

25 Cent Wonders, by Patrick Ballesteros.

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i have to blog these GORGEOUS armour concepts from AION. this is the variations of the tac officer’s divine set, if i recall.

god that armor;;;


World of Warcraft - Elves

So wifey has a new Honda CR-V that occasionally I leave fun messages in using the sexy screen iMid computer device thingy. The other day she wasn’t feeling well so I left one of Pinky sitting on Lich King’s lap (that has been going around as a meme for the longest time now) as shown in the first pic.

The reason was two-fold.  Both our kids are really into MLPonies and our 7-yr-old son, who has watched his Mom and Dad play it, really wants to join in the fun. He is enjoying playing WoW (his 7th b/day present and monitored by us) and he has a level 15 mage, on my account. He takes the time to read and complete all quests on his own and even took about 200 of our mage-themed TCG cards in for sharing at school last week. One of his friends, Sophie, even called him after school and wanted to talk more about it. His first phone call from a girl - anyone outside of the family - ever. I spoke with her Mom after and she thought the conversation was adorably awkward. The most apt description from what I heard of the conversation too.

So cut to today, our lad comes home with some work from school: Decorate a T-Shirt for a classmate.

He writes: “I think Sophie will like this, it says, “pinkie get off me” and the second thing says, “Oooh I think Rainbow Dash is coming.” It even has the fire King on it from Wow!

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